June 9, 2022

Future Workshop: Spaces and Actors of a Climate-friendly Future in Nordhausen

Multiple-Actor-Workshop · Nordhausen, Germany
Dscf0115 Korr

The second URA Nordhausen workshop, 'Future Workshop Nordhausen' was held on 9 June 2022, further evaluating the connections between different actors and concrete spaces to shape a climate-neutral, socially just and cycle-oriented future in Nordhausen:

What does the 'energy country' of tomorrow look like?

What resources for a climate-friendly future are hidden in the region?

What are the anchors of a cycle-oriented daily life?

The research team explored the region in preparation for the workshop, held discussions, and formulated initial questions for the future of the region from multiple disciplines. Research fields concern sociological spatial and migration research, sustainable material cycles, climate-friendly and ecological spatial development and landscape design. In joint discussions, participants mapped the findings, discussed their interactions and developed an interdisciplinary common understanding of the region. Five characteristic subspaces were introduced, which allowed for the development of detailed insight into identified issues and challenges faced by the region.

All the approaches will be further developed into action proposals until 29 September 2022 when they will be tested and discussed at the final forum.