October 15, 2019

URA Workshop at Taizhou University

Workshop · Taizhou University
Taizhou Academy

On the 15th of October 2019, the URA research team participated in a full day of productive exchange with professors and university administrators from Taizhou University at their Jiaojiang campus. Coordinated and organised by Prof. Kong Hanbing (Zhejiang University, URA Project Advisor), Dr Zhou Liangqui (Taizhou University) and Dr Xiaoxue Gao, the URA teams undertook guided tours in the university laboratories of the Life Science, Biology, and Pharma-Chemistry schools. These visits facilitated the URA team to gain an understanding of the university’s research focuses and local lab facilities, and thus a view of future collaborative research possibilities conducted with local experts.   

During the roundtable talk and break-out sessions, knowledge exchange focused on approaches to creating sustainable urbanisation pathways utilising different disciplinary perspectives. This allowed the URA team to learn about various status quo approaches and challenges relating to Taizhou’s urban development. The outcome of these discussions was the establishment of a mutual interest in collaboration in upcoming phases of the URA project, including potential pilot interventions.

Photos by the URA research team