October 18, 2019

Urban-Rural Ecosystems Research Team Meeting at Tongji University Shanghai


On October 18th 2019, the research team from IOER Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development Dresden in Germany convened with Chinese partners at the Center for Ecological Wisdom and Practice Research, Tongji University, Shanghai. Prof. Dr Yan Wentao, accompanied by doctoral candidate Ms Chen Hui, offered an introduction to the topic of 'ecological wisdom and practice' based on Dr Wentao's extensive research. Additionally, the URA team presented their initial fieldwork findings regarding the categorisation of primary ecosystem services along the Yongning River transect. This productive exchange clarified a shared methodology based on a social-ecological approach to improving ecosystem services in the Huangyan-Taizhou region. This resulted in an improved understanding of the supply and demand of ecosystem services and their interaction with local people.